5 Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom

All it takes is a simple download and another simple skype login for a teacher to open up a whole other world for the students she loves to teach. The service is free and students can learn and interact with other countries in a productive and fun way. Below you will find some of the ways that Skype can be used in the classroom in many awesome and fun ways.

Promoting Education

Videoconferencing is a great way to use Skype in the classroom. You can use your Skype Login, and then let your students take turn talking to and seeing students from other countries. It is even possible to get other teachers to let their students get on Skype as well, so the process gets really interesting.

History Project

Some teachers are even using Skype to help teach the history that they love to students who are a little bored with the subject. In one instance, collaboration on Skype actually resulted in the kids being able to talk to a well-known curator of a history museum that really helped to bring the period of history they were studying to life. You can visit skypelogin.net for more information on this today as well.

Field Trips

If your students are not able to go on a field trip due to budget cuts in the school or other factors, you can bring the field trip to them by going to it on Skype. Many places offer virtual field trips that you might want to utilize to take your students around the world.

Help for After School

It is easy to use Skype as a tool for after school help for students that are needing extra help with their schoolwork. Many tutors, teachers, and even librarians are available at set times after school on Skype to help with after school needs.


One of the most amazing things about Skype is the fact that you can include anyone from anywhere. One school even used Skype to include a classmate in class discussions because the classmate was unable to attend school because of leukemia.

These are just a few of the awesome ways that Skype can be and has been used in schools across the country. You can visit skype support for more information today on awesome things for school and how you can get your very own account as well. Make sure that you login before use and you will be good to go.